Upcoming Events

Why come to our events

Fun and friendly atmosphere

We aim to create a fun and friendly atmosphere at all our events, allowing for player to compete for the awards at all levels.

Standardised LoW Terrain

All terrain layouts are standardised tournament layouts, bespokely created by our self’s so you can be sure they’re optimised for each mission. Provided by Mad Gaming


Your scores will be uploaded to ITC and UKTC immediately following an event so you can see where you place and all our events will be uploaded to the Northern Tournament Circuit.


Bespoke Awards

Lords of Waaagh has bespoke awards that are available to win from our custom medal to some of our yearly trophies where players can try and get there name engraved on it. We were one of the first to support our new comers to tournaments by offering a newbie award that can be won by people who have played less than 3 GT or higher events


Games Workshop approved organizer

We are a approved Organizer and do our best to hold to GW standards and offer free codex to winners of our events. This will allow us to offer Golden tickets to our event winners.

Amazing Venue

We have worked hard to find the best venue to host our events at. Bolton Arena is located 2 mins from the nearest train station, just off the m62 and has great amenities close by like hotels and restaurants.

Streamed Games

We strive to stream games from all our events on youtube, using our custom scoring system you can see whats happening with the score along with the players being mic’d up to hear what is being said.

Bottled Water

We understand how important it is for players to stay hydrated during our events so we offer a free bottle of water at the start of each day and always have water available during our events.

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